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Business Opportunities 2015

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artykuł nr 0 PL - decoration articles company is a leader in designing, producing and distribution of own decoration articles suitable for any occasional events such as: wedding, birthday, stag party, hen night, first communion, baptism, New Year's Eve, carnival. Add : Administrator strony WPHI Bruksela | 21.09.2016 decoration articles,

artykuł nr 1 PL


BONUS EUROTECH is active on the Polish and international markets since 1991. As a reliable, professional supplier and partner, Bonus Eurotech can offer modern production facilities to meet specific customers requirements. The company is continuously introducing new technologies and developing the production systems. The main objective is to offer our customers the highest quality, functionality and modernity of products and services. Add : Administrator strony WPHI Bruksela | 05.08.2016 offers, automotive, construction, services

artykuł nr 2 PL

P. H. U. ''OSKAR''

‘’Oskar’’ company – the producer of clothes for babies and small children (56-86), (92-140). Add : Administrator strony WPHI Bruksela | 05.08.2016 clothes, children, producer

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HERLA LABORATORY is the premium brand of the cosmetics for face and body car...

HERLA LABORATORY is the premium brand of the cosmetics for face and body care and SPA – it is the fusion of the luxury and nature. HERLA has been created with the passion for pure nature, its benefits and natural beauty. Add : Krzysztof Turowski | 04.04.2016 kosmetyki, PSA, drogerie, dystrybucja, kontrahenci

artykuł nr 4 PL is a software house and leader with the key specialization in creating and delivering high quality dedicated software and individual IT solutions especially on the publishing and educational market. Add : Krzysztof Turowski | 18.12.2015 IT, edukacja, wydawnictwa

artykuł nr 5 PL

Ecol Sp. z o.o.

Ecol Sp. z o.o. of Rybnik, PL, is the largest european independent specialist service company providing lubrication engineering solutions supporting pro-active maintenance of poweplants. Core business is focused on supplying unique service of cleaning and flushing of oil systems in turbo-sets and big pumps, industrial cleaning, supplying turbine oils and tribo-diagnostics & industial oil service during pre-commisioning and operation of plants. Add : Krzysztof Turowski | 13.11.2015 lubrication, engineering solutions, oil systems

artykuł nr 6 PL

NIWA Industrial Engineering Technological Installations

The service-production-commercial-enterprise NIWA carries out the design and project management tasks in the oil, petrochemical, chemical, power, pharmaceutical and food industries as well as in the field of environmental protection sector. Add : Krzysztof Turowski | 13.11.2015 pipelines installations, technological devices, vessels, tanks,steel structures

artykuł nr 7 PL

AC joint-stock company

AC SA is a Polish leader and also an important world’s manufacturer of automotive LPG/CNG systems under STAG brand. Add : Krzysztof Turowski | 29.10.2015 LPG/CNG systems, automotive systems

artykuł nr 8 PL

Konińska Fabryka Okien

Konińska Fabryka Okien established 1995 is one of the oldest and well known producers of windows and doors in Poland. Add : Krzysztof Turowski | 28.10.2015 PCV Windows, doors

artykuł nr 9 PL

Handmade of Passion

Handmade of Passion is an online shop with handmade and design products. It is a gallery of art. Add : Krzysztof Turowski | 29.10.2015 Decorative items, handmade toys, handmade bags, jewelry

artykuł nr 10 PL

Shield Managament Solutions LTD SP. z o.o. oddział w Polsce

We manufacture and distribute wood pellets and briquettes. Add : Krzysztof Turowski | 28.10.2015 wood pellets, wood briquettes, organic firelighter

artykuł nr 11 PL

ICG – International Consulting Group

International Debt Collection / legal services Add : Migracja WPHI BRUSSELS | 08.09.2015

artykuł nr 12 PL

Grinn GLP

Grinn is design house of electronics. Since 2008 we have been engaged in designing and production electronic devices for various business fields. Add : Migracja WPHI BRUSSELS | 26.08.2015

artykuł nr 13 PL


MJ DESIGN is polish manufacturer of office and conferences chairs. Add : Migracja WPHI BRUSSELS | 24.08.2015

artykuł nr 14 PL


Transport & spedition company Add : Migracja WPHI BRUSSELS | 11.08.2015

artykuł nr 15 PL


Manufacturer of the foliar fertilizers Ferti. Add : Migracja WPHI BRUSSELS | 05.08.2015

artykuł nr 16 PL

PPprojekt Sp. z o.o.

By uniting youthfulness, many years experience and solid educational background, PPprojekt Sp. z o.o. delivers reliable solutions of high quality in road, bridge and industrial construction. Add : Migracja WPHI BRUSSELS | 04.08.2015

artykuł nr 17 PL


Manufacturer of textiles for bedroom. Mattress and bed protectors, all seasons duvets, pillows ready to use and as fulfillment. All in ultrasonic quilting technique without sewing threads. Washable. Add : Migracja WPHI BRUSSELS | 03.08.2015

artykuł nr 18 PL


Producer of non- metallic safe road signs Add : Migracja WPHI BRUSSELS | 06.07.2015

artykuł nr 19 PL

Majami sp. z o.o. sp.k.

Luxury Cream Fudge, Sesame Slices, Chocolate Coated Marshmallows, Toffee Sweets, Dessert cream and sauces Add : Migracja WPHI BRUSSELS | 06.07.2015

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