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Handmade of Passion

Send Print Download added: Krzysztof Turowski | 2015-10-29 15:42:12
decorative items, handmade toys, handmade bags, jewelry

Handmade of Passion is an online shop with handmade and design products. It is a gallery of art.

Handmade of Passion is an online shop with handmade and design products. It is a gallery of art.


Handmade of Passion, that’s HOP, was born from our love of beautiful things, Scandinavian simplicity, the warm climate of the South of France, lofts and open spaces, and everything made by hand. We like playing with colors, simple patterns and stripes. We also have fun. We look for inspiration in different places, bring back wonderful objects in different styles from our trips, and then combine them to create unique effects.

Creating and developing our gallery is our passion and is a dream come true.

Although we like a variety of different trends, we select pieces which have something special. You will be able to find some real gems amongst them.

HOP! And as soon as you've seen them, you'll want to buy them!

We make sure that the articles available in our boutique are unique, high-quality pieces. We work with only the best designers and artists, whom we trust completely. We are constantly expanding our product range, gradually adding new and original items to it.

At our shop you will find unique objects, full of charm and authenticity. Decorative items, handmade toys, handmade bags, jewelry and many others, carefully selected to suit your tastes and trends.

Made by designers recognized in the design world and many times rewarded in many European exhibitions.

Our shop brings pleasure and relaxation for all the senses with authentic and natural materials: wood, wool, linen.

You will find at our gallery the small objects for yourself and for your friends.


Come and explore the world of passion with us!


We have different personalities, but share the same sensibilities. We have shared the same passion and interests for years. Our watchwords are Harmony, Passion and Professionalism. We both know that "less is more". We both enjoy stimulating fireside conversation, reading a good book and listening to music (chilli, jazz and SYSMO :-)), cities at night, air travel and especially... skiing.

Handmade of Passion

Bruxelles, Belgique


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