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    Podstrefa Puławy

    Send Print Download added: Krzysztof Turowski | 2016-02-09 11:52:30
    zakłady azotowe puławy, offer, special economic zone starachowice

    Puławy Municipality and Zakłady Azotowe "Puławy" S.A. (ZAP S.A.), set up the Puławy Production Park.Today Puławy Production Park spreads out on the area of nearly 700 ha and it covers four areas of competence: Puławy Production Park (PPP) , Puławy Subzone of The "Starachowice" Special Economic Zone, Puławy Production Park, Puławy Science and T echnology Park (PPN- T).

    Profile of the Subzone

    Due to specific activity of GRUP A AZOTY Zakłady Azotowe "Puławy" S.A., closely related to the "Great Chemical Synthesis Sector", the Puławy Subzone of the Starachowice Special Economic Zone is a perfect location for investors whose under takings can be realized in cooperation with GA ZAP SA, based on a broad basis of products and components manufactured in Puławy, available here unique media and feedstocks.
    The Puławy Subzone is also open to investors from other branches, not related to the chemical/fertilizer sector. A unique in Poland offer for the potential and scope of available media and feedstocks, creates a broad basis for many projects based on various processes and products.
    The location of the Puławy Subzone in the eastern par t of Poland is another advantage for the entrepreneurs star ting their eastern markets-oriented business activity .